California Grown Gourmet Pistachios

Refrigerating Paste and Butter

Pistachio paste and butter are delicate nut products that can potentially go bad if stored poorly. Not to mention, ground pistachios can lose its flavor when exposed to air. There are two ideal ways to store butter and paste once they’re opened.

The Pantry…  Butter and Paste products are “shelf-stable”, so they do fine being stored in a cool and dry place through the expiration date which is on the bottom.

The Refrigerator…  To help with extended freshness, store your open container in the fridge. It may last longer being stored this way.

Keep in mind, these products will separate since we don’t put any ingredients in them to keep the oil from separating from the solid nut parts. When you open your container you might see a layer of oil on top of the paste or butter, totally normal. You can prevent this by refrigerating the product.

Before using either one of these products, it’s recommended to stir or shake up the bottle (which might give you a little arm workout). That way the fluid-ness of the paste and butter maintain an easy to use and eat.



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